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"Balance for a Self-Sustaining Community"

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2000 Candidate Ballot Statement

Statement of DOUG DEITCH 
Candidate for County Supervisor, 2nd District
County of Santa Cruz

Occupation: Nonprofit Executive Director/Property Manager
Age: 51

Graduate Stanford University and Law School, Aptos resident 26 years. County resident, married 30 years. 2 Children. ED-Monterey Bay Conservancy (an environmental nonprofit), Co-chair, Curriculum Development Committee-New Watsonville High, Member Environmental Council, Coast Dairies Advisory Group, Sierra Club, Aptos/Capitola Chambers, Pajaro-Seacliff Visioning 

In 1995-6, I first ran for this office. Our issues then were our water, growth, community safety, traffic, environment, housing, schools, and our economy. They're the same today, only more pressing. 

We must start now to address these concerns meaningfully on a proactive, regional basis if we hope to maintain our quality of life here. To accomplish this, we must successfully balance the interests of our people, our environment, and our economy. 

Most critically, since we do not import water, we must eliminate our current approximate 100% regional groundwater overdraft. This can only be accomplished through sensible and equitable agricultural use of our water, which consumes 75% of our supply. 

Please call me at 688-2825, (en ingles o espanol) (see " "), for more clarification, information, and your critiques. 


  • New Watsonville High School
  • Water Use Balance
  • Highway 1 Widening
  • Slowed Sustainable Growth
  • Regional Proactive Solutions
  • Local Diverse Economy
  • Safe Community
  • Keeley Park Bond

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