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NEW - Candidate Statement for Doug Deitch

"Balance For A Self-Sustaining Community"
Regional Perspective...Regional Solutions
Follow the Law...."Our Inconvenient Truth"
(Voices on SCCTV, January 4, 2007)

Save Our Water...Stop SC Desal Plant
Save Our Community...Stop SC "Sanctuary City" Policy

It's The Water

Supervisors and Coastal Commission Ignore 30 year "Water Berry Ponzi Scheme"

Soquel Creek Water District Loses $4.5 Billion in
Water to Berries Since 1996

3rd District Supervisors Ignore County Well Ordinance & Water Emergency for 20+ Years

The "Big Lie" about the 100 million dollar Santa Cruz/Soquel Creek Desalinization Plant

Latest Supervisor Non-Action On Groundwater Emergency

Local water supply emerges as top issue in 2008 2nd District race



Why I Run:

Questions and Answers Year 2000

Open Letter To My  Second District Neighbors-January 14, need to change it


2008 "Anti-Agriculture" Doug Stands Up for Sustainable Ag Water Use Before Farm Bureau...Ellen Endorsed Unanimously Without Debate

Is Sustainable Water Use Anti-Agriculture?
1996 Farm Bureau Newsletter

Fred (and Doug) stands up for New Pajaro HS, global warming, local economic solutions, and our Parks too.

Bill Monning...Protecting Water for People and Nature

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