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Below please find a chronological list of highlights of my community activities, efforts, and projects, commencing in 1976 with my application, at age 27 (after a 6 year residency here) for the public member position at LAFCO. 

1. (1987-1991) Proposed (then worked with Planning and Development Office at UCSC) tax credit, locally financed low income on campus student housing development concept.

2. (1988-2000) Saved Historic Pogonip Clubhouse from demolition, offered to restore building for the city in the context of a public benefit, non profit, public access facility (rejected by city. I was only respondent to city RFP.)  Incorporated Pogonip Foundation (now Monterey Bay Conservancy) a IRC 501(c) Participated in all Pogonip matters, master planning, bike access.. etc to this date. City is in process today after 12 years of ownership of finally hiring architect to restore it. (Also, McCray Hotel-Sunshine Villa (Beach Hill) restoration participation

3. (1991-1995) Designed the most highly traffic intersection in the county-Mission Street from Chestnut to King/Union Street. Took my proposal, which I designed myself at my expense, through city commissions and council.  CALTRANS accepted my proposal and design and will pay for ($200,000+) bike lanes, bus stop/pullout, and extra lanes.

4. (1992-96) Accomplished, through Central Coast Associates, forty acre wetlands acquisition/preservation by the State of California of Willoughby Ranch (at the entrance to Zmudowsky Beach, Moss Landing Area)

5. (1995-2000) Ran for supervisor in 1995 on water, Watsonville High, establishing a "self-sustainable community", sustainable, managed growth...etc.. I have been continuously active in water issues (and other south county issues like annexation and new high school approval, as well) since the last election. I was active in opposition to Measure D (NOPE INITIATIVE), attended PVWMA and SCWD meetings, heightened awareness on water and other resource issues regionally through and articles I've written, prosecuted for a county groundwater emergency process commencement continuously before Board of Supervisors, culminating in Grand Jury Complaint. And, finally, proposed (in 1998) demand management local solution to our water crisis, which has been cited and recognized under "Conservation" in a May, 1998 USGS Technical Memorandum.

6. (1999-2000) I am presently active regionally in the planning/visioning processes for Coast Dairies Ranch, Vision Pajaro, and Seacliff Area. I believe that there are two main differences between myself and the other candidates. First, I already have demonstrated an accurate long term vision of and history of successful and insightful participation and accomplishment in our community's most important and critical projects and problems. Second, due to my longevity here (30+ years), my (again, accurate) perception of our community's continuous decline, my desire to remain here, and my belief that I have workable solutions to our problems, I consider seeking this supervisorial seat not primarily as "an opportunity" (as I believe my other candidates view this), but rather as a duty and obligation of my service I offer to my community in return for the quality of life I have been able to enjoy here and hope to be able to continue enjoying here.


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