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Doug Deitch

YOU are my “special interest” – No financial or other contributions have ever been accepted


Community Development


Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I do not accept money and, apparently, am the "Ron Paul" of Santa Cruz County in terms of being invisible and purposely  not covered in the Sentinel and other local media. (An example, Folks?... href=" ...see Comments, too, please)
The only way my message will reach the other Second District voters and the overall Santa Cruz Community not now reading this is through you...and that's the exact way I want it.
You will have to put me in this job for you. One is what one does. If you like what I've done and what I will try to help us to do, please call five like minded friends or neighbors (and request that they five make the same call to five others, in turn...and so on) and tell them my website and that of my opponents Zach and Antonio...I welcome close scrutiny of my track record, qualifications, and 43 year history here as a human being, parent, grandparent, friend, neighbor, and perseverant advocate for all that we value and cherish here in Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay...
If you don't like it, call me and give me Hell and explain my problem to me...I'll always turn 180 degrees on a dime when I'm told or shown something I don't already supposedly "know"? That's why my 40 year phone number (831-476-7662) is on my ballot statement and in the phone book...
"Like me" on facebook...

Vote for me June 5...

and I'll still be on the job and continuing working very hard for you and us all June 6, for the first time officially, to ensure that the Second District, in particular, and Santa Cruz and the entire Monterey Bay, generally, continue to be the best place to be on this planet Earth...

I promise you this.
2012 Candidate Ballot Statement
(see also 2000  Candidate Ballot Statement

Occupation: Santa Cruz Real Estate/Nonprofit Executive Director
 Age: 64

Graduate Stanford University/Law School, Aptos/Capitola resident 43 years. 2 Children/2 Grandchildren, ED/Monterey Bay Conservancy, CEO/FreeMLS, Llc, Co-chair, Curriculum Committee-New Pajaro High, Coast Dairies Advisory Group,  Aptos/Capitola/Santa Cruz Chambers, etc.

Yes. I am the perennial candidate required for our perennial unaddressed and unresolved critical community challenges. In 1995-6, our issues were our water, youth/schools, safety, traffic, environment, our economy... Same today.


For our grandchildren, we must immediately start to meaningfully proactively address these concerns to maintain our quality of life here. We need experience, vision, creativity, and perseverant independent leadership now. Please review my 35  year  record/vision for us...

and my current plan...
Our next supervisor’s vision is critical to our entire Monterey Bay Region if we are ever to become a sustainable/livable community.
Any $120+ million SCMU/SqCWD desalination plant is no prudent water solution. A regional approach with me appointed and helping the California Coastal Commission to help us to “live within our means” is.

Let's finally try that and following our laws and our oaths for a change.

Please call me 831-476-7662, (espanol tambien)(  , and we'll discuss how.

Our Schools


Our Water
Our Coastal Comission (movie)
Our Inconvenient Truth


Our Highways


Our Wetlands


Our Historic Resources

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